Air-purifying headphones with active noise cancelling

Battling air pollution
City air can be high in pollutants - from industrial emissions, to car exhausts. And in public spaces, air can also contain higher levels of bacteria and allergens.

30 years of filtration expertise.
6 years of research.
500 prototypes.
For six years, Dyson engineers worked on a way to purify your air. Not just indoors but outdoors as well.
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Conversations around 'purification on the move' begin. Data on air pollution in cities around the world is analysed and the initial ideas and concepts begin to be drawn up around a wearable format.

User trials in Beijing lead to further development and the idea of integrated headphones is introduced. Combining the concept of active noise cancelling audio and personal purification.

Usability testing reveals that filters mounted in the earcups are the best place to ensure optimal product performance.

Development continues and a multitude of different face and head shapes are analysed to find the perfect level of comfort for everyday use.

Engineers continue to fine-tune the design, carefully calibrating the weight distribution and precisely refining the internal components.

Development to overcome the complexity of fitting a working filtration system into such a small space is progressed. Technology is re-engineered to provide optimum performance while minimising the size.

Engineered to breathe
Dyson engineers developed a manikin with a set of mechanical lungs. Programmed to breathe as a human does, it enabled us to accurately test the correct amount of airflow through the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones.

Air purification
Dyson engineering expertise enabled us to develop our first wearable device. With a 2-stage purification system capable of filtering city fumes and pollutants. So, wherever you are, you can breathe purified air.
Contact-free visor
The visor channels a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth, without touching your face. For natural, comfortable breathing with no stuffiness.
High-fidelity audio
We also built Dyson's first premium audio technology – delivering immersive, high-fidelity sound, with advanced active noise cancelling to block out unwanted disturbance.