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Pioneering technologies.

The Dyson digital motor V10.

The smallest, lightest, yet strongest vacuum cleaner motor Dyson has ever produced since we started production. Its ceramic shaft is cured at 1,600°C to make it 3 times harder than steel, yet with half the density.19 With the impeller moved from the front of motor to the back, axial flow draws in cooler air to reduce the temperature and allow the motor to spin at up to 125,000rpm which generates constant powerful suction.28

Global patents and patents pending on Dyson Cyclone V10™ technologies.

G-force generated inside each of the 14 cyclones.

Layers of paper-thin laminated steel generate magnetic fields to spin the motor.

“At Dyson, it’s invention that sets us apart. Cyclones that generate 79,000g to separate dust. Pioneering digital motors that are smaller, faster and more powerful than anything before. It’s our obsession. This is why nothing else really works like a Dyson vacuum.”

James Dyson - Engineer

14 cyclones.

Generating forces of more than 79,000g, the vacuum flings microscopic particles – such as pollen and even bacteria – into the bin. By arranging each of the 14 cyclones concentrically around the central axis of the machine, air flows more efficiently through it. As the cyclone narrows, air is accelerated from 45mph to 120mph to create the centrifugal forces that capture fine particles.

7-cell, energy-dense battery.

The Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum’s lithium-ion battery has one more cell than the Dyson V8™ vacuum, to run at a higher voltage and create more power. But because each of the seven high-capacity, nickel-cobalt-aluminium cathodes is slightly smaller, there’s no additional weight. Innate LED system diagnostics and altitude sensors enable the machine to automatically optimise power to the cleaner head at all times.

In-line configuration.

The ‘point and shoot’ alignment of the motor, bin and cyclone allows air to be drawn directly from the cleaner head into the cyclones in a straight line. This, combined with the more powerful Dyson digital motor V10, increases suction to more than the Dyson V8™ vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V8™ vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum

With an airtight gasket around the cyclone assembly and a pressurised rubber seal around the advanced filter, the whole system is fully sealed – preventing dust, allergens and bacteria from leaking back into the air. This means the vacuum retains 99.97% of dust as small as 0.3 microns, and expels cleaner air.17

17Tested against ASTM F1977-04, tested in MAX mode

Acoustically engineered.

An aerodynamic motor housing regulates airflow paths around the motor, reducing noisy turbulence. It’s combined with acoustic material to absorb vibrations, a post-motor filter that dampens sound, and an acoustic baffle which further reduces volume by blocking the line of sight to the sound source.

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