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Dyson Pure Cool™ tower purifying fan

Automatically purifies and cools you. Floor-standing purification. Other colours available, contact us for more details.

• Senses particles and gases
• Diagnoses and reports pollutants in real time

Dyson Pure Cool tower purifying fan

Key features

Cools and purifies

To purify a whole room properly, the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan goes beyond standard test conditions, by also automatically sensing particles and gases, capturing 99.95% of ultrafine particles1, and projecting and circulating purified air using Air Multiplier™ technology. Only the Dyson purifying fan is designed and tested to do all of this.

Dyson Pure Cool tower purifying fan ingesting dirty air and projecting purified air

Pollutants can build up inside your workspace. But you can't always see them.

In fact, indoor air quality can be up to 5x worse than outdoor air quality.2

Pollution visible in the air

Key technology

  • X-ray of the technology inside the Dyson Pure Cool purifying desk fan

    Automatically senses and reports particles and gases, in real time

    Using a unique algorithm, the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan processes the input from three sensors to continually monitor your room's air quality.

  • Close-up of HEPA filter ingesting harmful gases

    360° sealed filtration system. Removes gases and particulates1

    Combines an activated carbon filter and a glass HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of particle pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

  • Close-up of HEPA filter

    Glass HEPA filter

    9 metres of borosilicate microfibres, pleated over 238 times, to capture 99.95% of harmful ultrafine particles.

  • Close-up of carbon filaments caught in filter

    Activated carbon filter

    Engineered using a dense layer of carbon crystals, and treated with oxygen to make it more porous. This increases the carbon's surface area, further helping to trap gases – such as formaldehyde, benzene and NO2.

  • Close-up of air multiplier technology projecting air from Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan

    Powerful Air Multiplier™ technology

    Air Multiplier™ technology delivers over 290 litres of smooth, powerful airflow per second – circulating purified air throughout the whole room.

  • X-ray of two apertures of the Air Multiplier technology

    Two airflow modes

    The machine has two separate apertures, to release air from either the front or back of the machine. The valve mechanism turns a rotational baffle around the arc of the amplifier, to switch the direction of the airflow.

Additional Features

  • Dyson Pure Cool tower purifier in office space

    Purifies every corner of the room

    With long-range, purified projection it's quick to cool the whole room evenly.

  • Dyson Link app on smart phone screen

    Intelligent purification, controlled direct from your device

    Monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, set schedules and remotely control your machine, from wherever you are.3

  • Dyson Pure Cool purifier fan

    Fan mode

    Purifies all year round. Powerful, cooling airflow in summer.

  • The Dyson Pure Cool tower purifier fan in diffused air projection, indoors

    Diffused projection

    The machine diverts air through the rear annular at a 45˚ angle, creating a more diffused airflow.

  • Graphic showing how the Dyson Pure Cool purifier turns 350 degrees

    Purifies every corner of the room. Oscillates up to 350° to cool you wherever you want.

    350° oscillation allows you to circulate and mix air around the whole room. With built-in and customisable settings, so you can choose where to direct air.

  • Voice control icon

    Voice control

    Using a compatible voice service, control your machine with simple, spoken instructions.

Certified asthma and allergy friendly™

This Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan is certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards Limited.

Asthma and allergy logo


  • Oscillation/Angle

    Filter life
    One year. (Based on 12 hr use a day or 6 months based on 24 hr use a day)
    Standby power consumption
    < 0.5W

  • Room coverage
    27m² (According to POLAR)

    Sound level

  • Height


  • Illustration of Dyson Pure Cool tower purifier fan dimensions

Frequently asked questions

Your purifier fan is engineered to purify single rooms, so you should use it where you spend the majority of your time at work. When placing the machine, make sure there is at least a few feet of clearance on all sides so that the air can circulate effectively.

Your purifier fan's auto mode is designed to manage the air quality in your workspace without you having to operate the machine – so it's only on when it needs to be. If you or someone in your work environment suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses, we particularly recommend using your machine's auto mode.

If auto mode is enabled, AUTO will be illuminated on your purifying fan's LCD display. When your machine is purifying the air, AUTO will be in white. When the air in the room is purified, it will turn green and your purifying fan will remain idle until pollutant levels rise.

Dyson Pure Cool logo

Automatically purifies and cools you

Dyson Pure Cool tower purifying fan

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Dyson Pure Cool tower purifier

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